Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Art

While looking though my "inspiration-amazing decoration-I want this product" binder today I saw a trend, I had multiple pages that pictured rooms with over-sized prints. I love over the top decoration- in pieces, not as a whole. Here are my favorite examples of how to incorporate large art into a room/home.Domino May 08
Art by Johnathan Delafield.
I LOVE this print. It is amazing in scale and detail and fits in perfectly with the rooms modern country style.
Domino May 08
Even though I have no idea what the hell those Large framed pictures are of I think the Idea is great. It looks like they are blown up articles?
Domino August 07
THIS IS MY DREAM WALL. The Prints are from Artist Marc Quinn, and I looked high and low online for reproductions to no avail! There are others available online but nothing close to how beautiful these are.
Domino August 07
"The stairway assemblage of retro-beachy photographs, including Jacques-Henri Lartigue's massive candid glamour shot ( found at a flea market [lucky bitch]) of the French Riviera's golden age, albets Smith's fantasy of a year round vacation."

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