Monday, July 14, 2008

I recently fell in love with the Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost chair all over again.

The first time I saw the chair was in my friends house five years ago in Long Beach.
I think it was the first moment I realized how much I loved design.

I really do think it is a classic piece of furniture and NO i don't think the plastic/acrylic/clear trend is dead, or will ever be dead to me in the form of any ghost chair.
I am positive this will be my first investment when i move into my own place someday, mid century modern is great but not when a whole house is done that way, I like a mix.

I love the chair in clear and in grey, but I also think it looks amazing in black.

I also LOVE the Victoria Ghost side chair. It is beautiful in every single color, my favorite being the pink.

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