Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Timothy Horn at the De Young

A few weeks ago I went over to the De Young Museum to check out a small showing from Australian Artist Timothy Horn. He has been shown at the gallery I intern at called Hosfelt Gallery, which I suggest you check out because their artwork is outstanding. Anyways, the pieces he had displayed where beautiful and blew my mind, I was seriously walking around the room for twenty minutes while my friend had wondered off. She took some pictures of the pieces for me which are kind of crappy and sadly do not show off how great the color and textures really are. 

This piece was inspired by a 12th century carriage Alma Spreckles used as a phone booth in her pacific heights colossal pacific heights  home. Her sugar fortune was used to found the Legion of Honor- and is Horn's inspiration for the two sugar pieces.

This is a 300 pound chandelier made out of crystalized sugar. It is much more beautiful in person and the color is amazing. This is such a shitty picture so the detail does not show up very well- but imagine a perfect piece of translucent rock candy- that is what this is made of, with the addition of the burnt orange color that I think make the pieces contrast really nicely in terms of the mature color and the youthful candy.

This piece was the only one not made out of sugar- It is a giant drop earring which used to hang from the back wall of the owner of Hosfelt gallery's
 office ( the amazing Todd Hosfelt)

I highly recommend taking a trip to the De Young museum right now to check out his work- and i suggest skipping the horrible lines of screaming kids for Chichuly. P.S the New York Times did a wonderful piece about Timothy Horn's work and the show at the De Young, here is the link. NYT.

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