Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Favorite Things 2

If you know me, then you know how much I love anything that is shiny, acrylic, translucent, or a jar/box. Here are my favorite items from each of my favorite categories. 
"For The Love of God"
I  enjoy Damien Hurst, not a lot of people do, its a love him or hate him situation. 
This is his diamond encrusted skull, it sold for 100 MILLION in CASH at auction. 
Although I was told that a lot of times the pieces that sell big are actually sold to groups of collectors which can include the artist themselves. Anyways, if I was a multi-billionaire- I would buy this.

You already know I love the Phillpe Stark ghost chairs in ALL its translucent glory. 
Nuff said. ( polycarbonate, not acrylic)

Im pretty sure I have posted about these before, but it is my favorite jar/box category- or things that can hold... things.
The Peekaboo console table, perfect for an entryway- not for behind a couch, it does not show it off enough. 

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LEESH said...

k, serioussssly. that skull is to DIE for.