Friday, August 8, 2008

Wall Art

You had to have seen this coming, a post about the ever growing wallpaper trend. Although I have a love/hate relationship with the sticky paper I will say that in the right room/ home and with the right furniture it can look pretty amazing.

Here are my favorites from some popular categories

A more organic version of the popular damask print which I happen to LOVE, you can find a different version of damask at every sight I listed.
Very traditional damask, literally. This is an original 19th century print and comes in every color under the sun. More original damask prints are on the website.

My favorite take on the damask print haha.
This took me FOREVER to find, I saw it on design spotter months ago and it didn't show up in their search! Anyways here it is in all its cheaky glory!
Wallpaper designed by Belgian design firm Atelier.

This wallpaper is amazing, it is literally art for your walls. I can see this in a crazy childrens museum or store. For the extremely gutsy person, I could see this working really well as a wall piece in a kitchen or living room- somewhere very open and bright.
I HATE THE MUSTACHE TREND. I swear I will make a post of mustache crap that would actually be ok except for thr fact that it is so painfully trendy and played out it makes me want to vomit.
On a side note, this is hipster playboy mansion cigar lounge 100% discusting.
( this design group actually has some pretty amazing wallpaper though)

And whats a wallpaper post without wall decals.
Perfect example of how a wall sticker can be done tastefully, if I see one more bird or tree motif on someones wall I will stop believing that ordinary people can have good taste.
MORE sites with decals
Technically this is wallpaper...but if you use one section... it's a tastefull version of
TACKY WALL MURALS! I am not posting a picture in protest.

I want to go on! I did not even begin to post the amazing wallpapers I have come across online, but it is 1 am and I only went on here so I could get tired and go to bed, mission acccomplished.


g. lock said...

so neat. i recently posted about a wall covering website, and annalicia (our common friend) sent me a link to yours, which by the way was way cooler than mine. ku-dos.

Nora said...

I just read your blog and it is really interesting, i LOVED the swarovski crystal benz haha