Saturday, October 11, 2008

non fiction collective

I cant even explain how amazing this design collective is. I am to lazy to sum them up, so I cut and pasted their bio from their website.

"Non Fiction is a design collective based in Columbus, Ohio. We are interested in merging the worlds of ceramics & printmaking and the remaking and reuse of industrial cast-offs. Operating in a hybrid world between handwork and mechanization we combine outdated processes like thermofax and letterpress with CNC milling and rapid prototyping. Labor intensive processes mix with strange detritus, abandoned wallpaper and clearance mousetraps combine with hand carved block prints and fussy porcelain. Our limited production is a mixture of intent and accident - a constant tug between addition and subtraction. We make objects to affect the world."

There is way to much to say about their work, it is an amazing combination of precious porcelain and off beat animal themes? I have no idea, here is a taste of their work.

All Images were taken from their website or blog.

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