Tuesday, November 4, 2008

design files

I am emptying out my design folder on my laptop. I am sorry to say that I have no idea where any of these images came from because I have been collecting them from various websites and magazines over the past year or so. Sorry I can't credit anything, im sure they are all from whatever is on my blog roll as well as Dwell, Domino, Elle Decor, or Living etc.
I like the way the string lights are used in a whimsical non dorm room way. I also love the white walls with the dark ceiling, how open and bright the room is, and how it reminds me of my dads old loft in downtown San Diego. How he went from a top floor loft with brick walls, hardwood floors, exposed ceiling, and tall parlor doors going into his bathroom to a POS condo in Hillcrest is beyond me. ( sorry dad!)

Domino of course.
I took this photo because I can not get enough of white lacquer end tables, or lacquer in general, at the moment.
I don't even remember this picture, but the candles are amazing.
( www.apartmenttherapy.com)

This is recent but I can't remember which blog it is from. I love the crisp whiteness, I imagine it is hard to keep clean. (found at desire to inspire, decorator Sofie Andersson)
David Lawrence Studio
I only took this image for the poster on the right corner wall. I also thought it was a good example of carpet that is not that horrible.
This is not my taste but I really enjoy the idea of the curtains, it makes it so magical! I'm sorry I know it sounds lame but there is no other way to describe it. Nice Victorian feel.
Amazing architecture, inside and out.
Cute collection, I feel like everyone is collecting globes now a days. By the way I gave up on my teapot collection and took up growing rock candy, which I have already given up as well.
I love the framed artwork on the third wall section from the left. I also like the long table and windows.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me identify the photos!


Cindy said...

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vanessa said...

its theselby.com I think that has the pics of celebs and stylish ppl in their homes. hope you're surviving drafting!


Nora said...

your righttt!! thanks!

adesch said...

Just found your blog!

Anyway, the crisp, white kitchen is from Sofie Andersson.

Nora said...

thanks! I will add that!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I recognize that photo with the chalkboard border from Apartment Therapy!


(I was always the obnoxious kid jumping from her seat to answer the teacher's questions, and I guess not much has changed :)

Nora said...

thank you for picking up on that! A lot of the images I save are from there but I can never remember because their blog is very eclectic.