Sunday, January 4, 2009

CB2 09

Here are some of the new things at CB2 I am looking forward to staring at all day until i end up buying it.

Vapor barstools
These look amazing in person, don't trust the pictures

White Wash Bamboo Pendent
Can you believe this image if from a CB2 catalog! I am so happy with the direction they are taking. This year they are including a lot of Scandinavian design and less of the bright crazy furniture they had before.
Chisel Vase
Textured/faceted/sculpted white porcelain is everywhere right now and I love it!

Smart Round Marble Coffee Table
This screams high rise apartment in Manhattan.


Mom said...

I like those barstools. I need a couple for my new place which is totally WHITE on the walls. I'm using really bright colors (I don't take your bright color comment personally) in my Living/Dining (sunset colors), so have been thinking about buying the Ikea barstools with the white canvas cover and painting the covers myself. Any other ideas?

Nora said...

I LOVE white walls! I think you are on the right track with a custom color chair and I am glad your into DIY because half the people I talk to run away from anything they have to alter. If you want something you don't have to do yourself CB2 sells these wonderfully shaped barstools in a rich red/orange color. Also if you are afraid of getting a consistant color on canvas I would look into any wooden barstool with no lacquer finish to spray paint.