Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know I am not the only single girl in the bay area, but right about now i feel like I am.
Here are some Valentines day inspired tips for all you singe ladies, and for the record I saw " Hes just not that into you" tonight and am 4 homemade margaritas into the night.

This is for single ladies only, I am not with anyone at the moment, making me bitter so you have to deal with it!

2. Host a dinner party with your single girls. I'm talking heart shaped cookies, pink martini's, drunk off your ass to the point where the night turns into an all night sob fest party. Its the only way to enjoy a single v-day, feeling sorry for yourself haha
3. Buy yourself something pretty!!! I already bought a BEAUTIFUL pair of cobalt blue suede pumps from Charles David. I am already day dreaming about the life these shoes will lead.

4. Start texting, calling, e mailing that guy you went out on a date with a month ago. Who cares if you have no future with him, if he is a good guy then why not hang out with him for valentines day and take a day off from self loathing? I'm sure the feeling will be mutual.

Ok I have a feeling the margaritas have hi-jacked this blog entry! Enjoy the tips!

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Ashley Jade said...

hahaha dude youre hilarious. i LOVED hes just not that into you!