Monday, May 25, 2009

a clockwork orange

I just watched a clockwork orange for the first time ( I'm 20, sorry) and honestly paid more attention to the AMAZING set designs and props then the actually movie.

some really horrible images from various sources that give a small glimpse into how amazing the production design was.
alex's bedspread and bedroom is amazing!
I wish there was a better image! the structural detail blows me away.
giant ceramic penis? yes.
I enjoy erotic art I am sorry haha.
this home was so great!
the interior and exterior architecture was perfect.there where some really amazing pieces of furniture in home as well.
wild wallpaper, blue/turquoise hounds tooth sofa, green hair, love it all.
ignore the threesome, look at the storage use and the modular wall pieces!
I spy a tulip chair.
floor to ceiling bookshelves, possible swan chair..., red typewriter, and beautiful robe!

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