Saturday, August 15, 2009

whats new at cb2

new season at cb2, finally was able to say hi to all the amazing people I was able to train at the sf store for the la store, and let me tell you it looks great!

if your looking to revamp your place, or buy new furniture for the new year, cb2 is where its at, a great alternative to Ikea with a more expensive feel but still a nice scad/danish mod look. 

parlour chair 699.00

honestly the most comfortable chair CB2 has ever sold, and it looks amazing as well. 

ringside stool 99.99

perfect solid wood stool or end table, 
this piece looks like it came straight 
from the flea market and will 
last you long enough to sell it there one day. 

double decker bed 599.00

i really like this classic solid mango wood bed frame, 
it looks amazing with the crisp white sheets and is 
something you will keep in the family for a long time. 

double wall shot glass 3.95

looks like the more expensive bodum mugs and cups
but costs like its younger shot taking sister. 
nothing against people who collect tacky 
souviner shot glasses, but displaying your adventures 
is one thing, breaking them out at a party is another.

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Carolyn Echter said...

i agree on that souvenir shot glass thing. Now that i said that i am embarrassed about my shot glass collection (you've seen it)