Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My favorite things

The folder I have on my computer is FULL of things I happen upon online and in magazines, my bookmark folders are also full of amazing design I will never see in my apartment. Here is a small sampling of my favorite things to introduce you to my taste.
This Lounge Chair from Emu has a distinct Bertoia feel but much softer. It would not look great with my cheap Ikea Couch which makes me feel better since I can't afford it. $579.00

I have a fetish for chairs and glass kitchen items. The Laurence Brabant Expansif Mug, sold at Rose and Radish here in San Francisco, is beautiful and reminds me of summer and Alice in Wonderland. $48.00

The Rise Of Flames chandelier by Designer Frederik Roije is stunning! I love the heavy black metal with the soft white candle- not dungeon like at all.It is constructed out of metal tubes and is also comes as a candelabra.
I just picked up this Slom bottle from Ikea for $1.99. I absolutly love it. I fill it up with water and put it on my nightstand, but if I had more I would use it for summer picnics and fill it with lemonade, or use it for wine.
Alot of different design companys have been coming out with glass bottles to use instead of water bottles- here is the SI glass bottle 2 by Seletti, each bottle is $40.00.
These Vincent Van Duysen ceramic containers from Beklina are absolutley beautiful. The actual container is made of ceramic and the lids are made of wood. These can be used for anything your heart desires and comes in a ton of different sizes. The price is fairly high so these are an investment you are sure to pass onto your children. $225-$325

As i mentioned before I have an affinity for chairs.
Artek furniture in general makes my mouth water but their chairs top my list. The company has been making furniture since the 30's lead by famed architect turned designer Alvar Aalto. They have a section on their website called 2ndcycle which is in done in partnership with Tom Dixon. They are taking vintage pieces from their line and giving them a new life.

Here is a picture of chairs from 2ndcycle that used to be used in a Helsinki Kindergarten in the 60's.

This image is of Chair 68 I have seen these in a room view and they are amazing( the seats of the chair also come in white- it does not cover the edges).The chairs can also be upholstered which looks great as well. I think Ikea got a lot of their simple beech chair designs from these chairs.
Also Ikea did a TOTAL FUCKING RIPOFF of their table 82b, which is beautiful in its simplicity. Funny enough when I saw the table on their website I thought holy crap this may be the best product they ever made, and now I know why- they didn't design it! ( like most of their other products I like)

Here is Artek's table

And here is Ikeas version, which is actually a table top they have with a set of legs they have. ( I have to admit though the table does look really good in person although the height of the legs are too short for the thickness and curve.) $109.99 VIKA GREVSTA/ VIKA OLEBY
Ok I need to get ready for work, Ill add more later. Or not.

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Charlie said...

Nora, Happened upon your site while loking up info on these 8 oz.SI Glasses I bought in St. Pierrre, France just off the coast of Canada. They are great for hot or cold beverages. I like drinking my green tea, Turkish style out of them. MY daughter was shocked that I paid 4.50 Euros each for them saying they look like plastic cups but that is part of the aesthetic charm. Uuse of highly durable, quality material to form an item that is very useful but formerly disposable. This could sound overly romantic to some, but it elevates my consciousness to places where I want it to go. Which is what I really think idealistically is what fine design is all about for me.
I heartily agreed with your comment about the IKEA table reinterpretation falling short due to proportional issues. I love IKEA's accessibility financially, but the attention to detail which much innovative fine design requires will never come cheap. I did find however your use of profanity in your text a little distracting, not aesthetically pleasing. But perhaps that is your paradox...
In anycase, I hope you will soon be able to afford to buy more of the design works you share on your site.
Kind regards, Charlie