Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Re-do. This blog is now about whatever the hell I want.

On that note, training at CB2 has been exciting and fun, I love my co-workers and can't wait for the store to open July 31st!

I spend most of the lunch breaks going through their catalogs and marking what I'm going to buy when it opens.( which, knowing me, I won't have the money for)
This lamp is amazing! It is the Phantom lamp and it is only 99.99. It is a great price for such high quality and clarity of glass, and also a lot cheaper then the one I am lusting over by Ochre, called Cherub, for well over 300.00.( the image is from Domino Magazine August 2007)

The chop side table is 199.99 and made out of Mango wood. It is beautiful in person and also a great weight. I have seen so many versions of this modern wood block for triple the price.

Lastly there is the cylinder candleholder/vase for 19.99. It is much larger then the picture makes it out to be and has multiple uses. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

I need to shower, its been a long weekend.

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