Thursday, June 19, 2008

To anyone who accidently found this.

The person I have been seeing just left for his hometown of Leeds today, leaving me with an impossible amount of free time. I have been contemplating starting a blog where I can put all of my design inspiration, must haves, and will never haves for over a year now and am very excited to finally start it. I am a Product Design student at San Francisco State University, living the typical broke college student life after renting my first apartment with my close friend. Im not sure if you caught that, but I just got my FIRST APARTMENT! This may be the real reason for the amount of time I have been spending on design blogs and in design stores recently. Unfortunately I can not afford most of the things I seem to fall in love with on websites and in small and large design stores. As a broke college student I have had to be extremely patient about the condition of my under-furnished apartment- which is hard for a design major because as soon as I moved in I was dreaming up ways to fill the apartment- yet one month later I am still sans a kitchen table, coffee table, rugs and other things most people buy asap ( I refuse to buy more IKEA then i absolutely need to! Although I know as well as anyone Ikea is amazing).So in short I am joining you to join me on my quest for great design on the cheap- and amazing design, in my dreams. 

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