Friday, July 25, 2008

CB2 Update

I have been working at the CB2 union square location for a few days now and have been able to see a lot of things in person as well as a ton of things I had never seen online. Here are some new favorites. 
Alchemy Bar Stool. The wood is beautiful, the metal is great quality, this is a piece you can incorporate into any home, it is also my favorite chair/stool at CB2. $129.00

We all know how amazing FLOR tiles are, and CB2 was quick to pick up on the trend and has a good variety for sale as INDIVIDUAL pieces. Target has a few options but only in packs of 6 I think. Anyways I had never seen them in person and let me tell you the Fedora line is AMAZING, the colors are beautiful and vibrant, I was blown away. 6.95 for one tile.

The Smart Marble Top line  looks incredibly expensive and the marble itself looks great. I usually don't like such mature pieces but they are so fresh and modern, I want. $199-$299

I helped put this baby together and let me tell you, it is no IKEA pos. It does have an ikea vibe with the white lacquer finish and simple lines ( I will add that much to my dismay it is in fact made of particle board, and heavy as hell) , but the design is really nice and I would enjoy using this as a bar table or just for reading on. $399
Stainless Steel Water Pitcher. This is such a great design. Amazing lines, sturdy, and I have the weirdest feeling that it is a knock off of some famous design, google gave me nada.$29.99, but we all knows its over $30.

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