Monday, July 28, 2008

Rhombic Star

I just solved this f'er!
I bought this wooden puzzle for my father while I was in Chinatown. It looks so beautiful in person with its sharp edges and dark stain. I took it out of the box to look at it and it fell apart in my hands! I looked EVERYWHERE online for how to solve it and finnaly did it myself by just looking back at the picture then what was in my hands. I think I will keep it and have it stay on my desk to remind me of how smart I am .


Andy said...

please explain how the hell you do it i cannot get the last peice in, i have already had to glue one corner back on.


Nora said...

If you ever go back and read this for some reason, sorry I did not notice you commented!!!

The trick is to get the whole thing together except for the last piece, then you hold it in your palm and slowly let it loosen up so its about to fall apart. Then all you do it slide the last piece in,easy! It may take a few try's but it always works.