Monday, July 28, 2008

Lucky Rabbit's Foot

I don't care what PETA or anyone else has to say, lucky rabbit's feet are the best damn thing ever. On the same trip to china town, in the same store, there was a box full of brightly colored lucky rabbit foot key chains. I didn't get one because 1. I did feel bad for the rabbit ( but then I thought hey, i'm sure they ate its meat so why let the feet go to waste?) and 2. I am sure that thing was FULL of nasty germs, and boiling it would ruin the color and fur. If I could find a place that sells fake ones for less then five dollars each I would buy them, but I think that takes away from its appeal ( In case you where wondering I would not use it as a key chain, just a wonderful object to look at ). Still, I think I am going to go back and buy a bunch for my friends who are willing to sacrifice their morals and health in order to have a lucky rabbit's foot hangin out in their home. 


GDW said...

we both know i have no problem disregarding morals when it comes to me one


p.s. i want a lovely dream catcher for my birthday :)

vanessa said...

NORA! I am at work and I made a blog.... can we link even though mine isn't on blogger? It will look better eventually, there still is the default background and a bunch of posts I haven't finished yet. But here it is.

Also how did you get images from the CB2 website to go on your blog? They keep saving as .gif which I don't know how to use. Between this and Bank of America I am on technology overload!

Nora said...

Alexis, i will get you one, and i am not sure where to find a not ugly dream catcher.

vanessa i added you to my blog list! I have a mac and take screen shots of images from websites