Saturday, July 5, 2008

New at CB2

CB2's new stuff is finally up online! I am so excited to work there this august and see it all in person!
Hotline Dining table- I love the color and the design is so upscale, im sure you can find something very similar for double or triple the price.
Another Perk of working at CB2 is that they often have pieces by well known designers, such as this Air arm chair by Jasper Morisson, whom I love.
The Lubi daybed reminds me of a smaller version of the Tillary modular at west elm I posted a while back. The difference is the Lubi is two pieces- the top comes off and when put next to the bottom creates a bed for guests to sleep on, they line up perfectly.
I think the Gemini Bed is definitely a love it or hate it kind of design. When we showed the picture of it at our training about half of the people loved it- and the other half hated it, no in-between.
The can light is one of those things I think everyone could use in their home. It is perfect to light up your plants, light up a hallway, or use as simple decoration. I LOVE THESE!
Im not going to lie, I think the design team may have missed the mark on sizeing the Industry Pendent. It is beautiful in person, but way to big. Even in the pictures online when it is incorporated into a living space the size is just way off. This would be a great piece for a loft with very high ceilings- maybe put it high over the tv area or high over the dining area- just not too low because the size is just to large and when its over a dining room table it looks stupid.
Industrial design is huge right now- and you can find similar pendents at Ikea, restoration hardwear- and just about everywhere else you look- but this remains my favorite, just because the size is so large that it requires a large space and I would love to see it done.
The Lumiere candle holders collection has always been a big hit at CB2, and now they have added Lumiere pillar holders which I think stand alone better then the fragile taper candle holders.

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