Friday, July 4, 2008

Online Shops

Today I decided to go through my huge bookmarking of design shopping websites and weed some things out. 

Here are my favorite things from sites that made the cut.
This is called Soft Urn, its made by Hella Jongerius. It is made of soft polyurethane in its natural color, and also comes in pink. I have a huge fetish for anything polyurethane- I love the texture, the translucent property, the colors- I just adore it.
This is the website store to the actual store/gallery which is located on 220 Clement St. here in San Francisco.
This is the Playsum Black Steamliner, it is made of wood and has a shiny enamel coating. Hand made in sweden. I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about how great these are for not only children but adults as well, I would put this on my shelf and look at it in its perfection everyday.
This store has a cute story behind it as well as a blog, but I am to lazy to tell it so you can just click on the link and read the about me section. 
I love small notebooks. I love paper. I love anything that is small and paper. This online shop has a huge collection of cute paper goods- like this set of 12 Field Notes memo books ( the glass jar is also for sale ).
This site offers an array of sophisticated home goods and gift ideas. I love this simple Oil Lamp  designed by Eric Magnusson. This lighter is also beautiful in its sleek design, Carl Mertens Werksdesign, Germany.
I love anything designed my Tobias Wong, and this remote light switch is the kind of product I like- Nice to look at and totally unnecessary.
Jasper Van Grootel's Plastic Fantastic Dining Chairs are the perfect fun outdoor or indoor dining chair. They come in a wide array of bright colors- and the usual black and white. 

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