Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MOMA Store Favorites

I am addicted to online shopping. I LOVE the online MOMA store, here are my favorite picks.
Inside Out Champagne Glasses
Panton Chair
not entirely sure why I never mentioned this chair,
it comes in a million colors and a child sized version, it is a classic icon.
Riki Desk Clock
for the mcm retro vibe
Abra Candelabras
Colored Flame Candles
who would not love these?
Double-Walled Bottle
Ellsworth Kelly: Spectrum IV


vanessa said...

nora! i like those champagne glasses. Your fingers wouldn't warm it up but they still look stemless. Also, i linked to your blog from my blog! not that anyone reads mine but you're there!

Nora said...

It won't let me link to yours!

sakky143 said...

all produts are best of best.

AKIRA said...

did you see the riki wrist clock?

Nora said...

the face is nice but the band does not go well with it