Saturday, September 6, 2008

Heart and Design/ Bodo Sperlein for Lladro

So I was just looking at the Heart and Design auction that is coming up and saw some AMAZING pieces from the famous designers who are donating pieces to the event.

From the Website:
Heart & Design combines the design and fashion communities; whose creativity and precision is the admiration of the world. Uniting them together, behind a great humanistic cause to help overcome heart and lung disease.
Not your typical Lladro.

Lladro has been blowing me away lately, the Equus collection by Bodo Sperlein is old news, but it is still amazing, I would buy the entire collection if I could.

More from Bodo for Lladro, the re-cyclos collection which I know is old because I saw this vase in an ID magazine years ago. ( 2007, I was off a bit ha)

Nigara chandelier by Bodo. The vase and chandelier are in the LLadro store in the mall I work at, I walk by it everyday and sigh.

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