Saturday, October 4, 2008


I decided to expand my collection of Museum postcards to include teapots, something I can showcase a lot easier and can also pass down to my children( I can't believe I just said that).

You already know I have, or HAD two Jason Miller Seconds teapots. Here is the newest addition to my collection, it is a beautiful canary yellow teapot with cup from EGG on Carl and Cole. The botique is owned by two lovely people and has a nice selection of everything from screen printed cards and stationary to children's clothes to ceramics to pillows to wall decals! The prices where all over the place though, $118 dollar rolls of wallpaper and 6 dollar Japanese paper Lion lantern things, I really have no idea. The place is worth checking out anyways, their stuffed animals from the movie Totoro are so adorable I was thisclose to buying some for no good reason. Anyways, here is the teapot.

I am so sorry the quality of these pictures are so bad, It was night time and I had no natural light, or a clean counter top, or my SLR.

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