Saturday, February 7, 2009

Deco files II

I am SO sorry not all of my pictures have credit given. I am constantly dragging pictures to my desktop for inspiration and don't think they will end up on my blog, thus I don't take the time to write the source. You are more then welcome to comment where the images are from if you recognize them and I am in no way trying to take credit for these images.

With that being said, I decided to organize my deco files again and thought I would share my latest inspirations.
Rose Uniacke Interior
I have been really into bright white rooms with a bold splash of color.
The way the sunlight lights up the yellow drapes is absolutely beautiful.
I love the black and white contrast created from the statue ad its base as well as the interior of the fireplace and the white mantle
The Pop of deep purple is incredibly refreshing.
I love the crisp white walls and seating mixed with the warm wooden furniture and floors.
The Bold geometric art makes the room more up to date.
The white walls with the bold burnt orange ceiling is an unbeatable combination, the orange also compliments the hardwood floor. I think this is a good example of how a home can still look amazing without having expensive furniture in it.
I think the kitchen is one of the more important areas in a home.
The rest of your home can be easily brought up to date with some new paint and furniture, but if your kitchen has outdated cabinets and floors it can throw off the rest of the home.I really like the white crisp design, and the black cabinets with the textured lighting brings much needed interest to the space.
This is a beautiful dining space, I love the light floors and furniture paired with the light walls and oversized artwork. The artwork becomes the focal point in the room keeping the simple furniture from becoming to boring.
Paola Navone
I am a huge fan of the inviting seating that seems to be semi-lofted. I love the soft white pillows and cushions, and the off white beamed ceiling keep the room from being too starchy.

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