Friday, April 10, 2009

Deco Files take 3

It is a beautiful day to clear out my deco files!
As always I forget to tag where I got the image from or who the designer is so please help me out and list the source if you know it!
I can't imagine a better chic city loft then this one by Stark Modern.
I love the clean crisp lines within the interior furniture
and architecture echoing the sharp skyline.
The outdoor furniture gives a little softness with the edges of the
white cushions,complimenting the soft round shapes the tree tops make.
The picture on the right is like a dream to me.
I have a thing for anything outdoors without
actually being outdoors.. if that makes any sense.
I love the intimacy the patio offers with its warm wood roof
and a sectional I could get lost in.
I love drama in a room so when I saw these amazing chairs next to the black textured brick wall- I died. I love how the chairs details really make it pop with the tufting, the plastic glare, the sculptured frame. I really think this would not look as good if the walls where not brick or if the chairs did not have the plastic feel to it.
The open ceiling, sculptural wall, dark floors, white paint,
dark metal rails, it is all soooo right. This was tagged as Jeffery King.

I really like to look at homes in pieces.
Anyone can have that one room that looks good,

but what happens when you get to the hallway?
Does it fail in comparison, or bring the home to a entirely new place?

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