Friday, April 10, 2009

Spectrum West

I just saw this post on Desire to Inspire and definitely got my daily acrylic kick and then some.
I love acrylic so much that it scares me to see it getting so blown up ( although you could argue it has been for a while...)
Try Stool
I love the shape of this stool, it is playful and not too heavy.

pentagonal ottoman
I am not a fan of the color but I love the overall shape and transparency.
I see a lot of stools and ottomans in similar shapes
but they are almost all solid and without the pad.
Tuileries coffee table
I love the mix of materials here, the wooden top is more serious while the oval shape and acyclic base give it some youth.
Pentagon Stool
I like this stool because by changing the seat pad it changes the whole look.
Right now the textural lines make it seem too mature, but with a nice floral or graphic print
it could be a really fun piece.

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